Monday, September 3, 2007

Nerdfest 2007: Back From Dragoncon!

That's right. I went to Dragoncon this weekend in Atlanta, one of the largest Sci-fi/fantasy conventions in the country. I absolutely loved it! What can be said that you aren't already imagining? Basically every comic that you can think of was there, famous artists, sci-fi celebrities, writers - room after nerd-filled room. But of course, the best thing, and the most hilarious, was the COSTUMES. They were was absolutely amazing, and the work some of these people put into them was incredible. There was a wide range - some weren't very good, and some of the people -to put it kindly - should not be in spandex. But a lot of them were fantastic.

Another hilarious phenomenon was the girls that were were in "show-off" mode, pandering to the nerds with plenty of cleavage and corsets. Personally, I find the whole "look-how-hot-I-am" thing somewhat silly, but in this case it seemed to be all in good fun and everyone was sort of "in on the joke." To be sure, the guys who can't get girls in real life were certainly loving it, so it's kind of a charity service, maybe :)

One of the coolest things, though, was I got to meet Steve Niles, creator of 30 Days of Night. This is a famous vampire graphic novel, and is coming out as a movie this fall with Josh Harnett. He was cool, and signed a couple comics for me.
So anyway, without further ado, here are some pics - check out these amazing costumes, folks!

Gandalf and Frodo with some happy lady.

The Tick! "Spooooooooooon!"

My friend Mike and a Stormtrooper

The Gears of War guys. I mean come on, how impressive is this?

Should this guy REALLY be in a tight skirt?

Bender from Futurama.

The Sandman, Spidey (doesn't he look like Tobey?) Wolverine, and the Blackcat.

How Batman and Robin would look if they lived in their mother's basement.

Some pretty good Harry Potter character costumes (Fleur Delacour, Sirius, Bellatrix, and Snape)

The "Sith Cheerleaders"

Daniel LaRusso. A costume of a character in costume!

A hilarious robot.

For the guys, I give you some eye-candy. For the ladies, I give you....."Stormtrooper Elvis"!

Well, thats all for now folks. And remember, May the Force be with you. Live long and prosper.... Wolverine can beat up Iron Man. Batman didn't have armored suits in the original series. Everyone knows that the original Godzilla was NOT a giant iguana....


LisaBinDaCity said...

Oh lordy, that's a serious nerd fest! Glad you had a good time though :-)

BlondebutBright said...

Wow, I'm impressed. But where is your costume?!?

Jen said...

Incredible!!! I especially liked the Daniel LaRusso one ; )

Anonymous said...

What a hoot!! I think I might vote for the Home Depot Robot. Is that a little wood knife in Bender's hand? What fun!!

Jarod said...

LisaB - I tell ya, it was like a town of nerds was air-lifted into Atlanta.
BbB - I went as an early 21st century thirty-something. Unappreciated now, but in 200 years my costume will be really different!
Jen - Wasn't that cool? He even got the headband.

Andy Coon said...

I wish you could've been there when you dressed up as the Crow. Many have tried where you succeeded big time.

Looked like a blast. I know I was out of commission this weekend but if you are ever in my area within driving distance... Call me, I will come.

d_Random said...

I like the Foo-man-chew robot the best. A good disguise if you do not want to be spotted at the nerdfest. I wonder if he has to wear an adult diaper in that contraption?
Great pics!

MisstressM said...

How cool! Im drooling here. Hand me the tissue please.

Amy said...

You definitely went up a couple of notches on my cool-o-meter!

devonk said...

Han shot first. True geekiness!

Looks like an awesome _Con.

I'm going to ComicCon2008 in NYC next summer. Maybe we can meet up. I'm seriously contemplating a costume, though.

Your blog ROCKS! Its blocked @ my work so I don't get to it as often, but I always catch up. (firefighter article was way cool too).


Anonymous said...

Hey Jarod! great pics. I also heard there was a really great "Mad Eye Moody" wandering around.

Sooo.. the Halo you think they will have to scrap their gear and start from scratch now that Halo 3 is coming out? ha..ha.ha...

Oh, and Congratulations! You've earned my linky-love. You are now an official member of the "Kitty Korral". ha.ha.ha..!