Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today's Random Observations

Just some random observations for today. No order, or actual point, but here you go:

- A good way to ruin a first date is to show up in an fully accurate 1820's whaling outfit.

- If I ask for a "Large" instead of a "Vente" at Starbucks, will I be immediately arrested?

- I can't prove it, but underneath the banjo and smiles, Kermit the Frog is planning something sinister.

- Sometimes, you have to drop everything and prance around whooping like Curly.

- Let's face it, Cinderella's lack of political experience would have left her new kingdom in financial ruin.

- The Kool-Aid Man gets points for style, but nobody bursts into a room like the Hulk.

- Every now and then you will catch a squirrel standing there staring at you, berry in mouth. This is indeed cause for alarm, and we should all be concerned.

- Just previously, I may have been wrong about James Taylor being folk music. Is he? I'm, not sure.

- It's always "guys are silly" this, and "girls are mean" that. Are we really that different?

- If they ever discover Santa is real, he will be immediately sued by the toy industry and grounded by the FAA.

- Transportation of the future? Three words: "Highly Accurate Catapults."


ChickyBabe said...

"Have you ever seen a Vegan that wasn't pale?"
Yes. He was of Indian descent. And he was a very large man.

Jarod said...

CB - I know, so are many cultures. It's only a joke, now.

Sarah Moffett said...

Or slides. I have to be literal for a moment. Did you get to see Carsten Holler's Unilever Series that was at the Tate Modern until April of 2007? I got to ride 5, 4, and 3 story slides inside the Tate as part of an exhibit on "future transportation." My shoes personally contributed to the black streak marks down the inside of the 4th one after it shot me 55 mph out of my own skin.