Thursday, September 13, 2007

Decorations - What do you Like?

In the spirit of some other blog posts lately, I thought I'd post a few decorations that I have around my house. I'd be interested to see what decorations other people like. Any favs? Post them on your blogs if you get a chance!

- A WWII Japanese Katana, and the painting I got in China from a famous artist.
- A letter from Theodore Roosevelt. Pretty groovy, eh? (yes, these artifacts are real)

- A cuneiform tablet from 1,800 BC, a Han Dynasty small pot, two oil lamps ca 200 AD
- A Confederate 1864 $10 note , and a Union 1863 $5 dollar note. Sort of symbolizing my "Northern and Southernness", since I've lived in both worlds.

- Indian artifacts I've found, and various other artifacts
- A 1750's Pennsylvania long-rifle. It is a reproduction, but a firing one. It is LOUD. The powderhorn in the middle is probably mid-1700s.

- Two of my "boys"
- "The General" I love this guy, he is a reproduction of the famous Terracotta General, and I dragged him all around China. He is not light!
- Various Roman coins. The gold one is Byzantine.

- Some woodcarvings I made.
- 1600s parchment. Ever try to read one of these?

And finally, not a decoration, but Mr. Cat will pose where he chooses!


Anonymous said...

Dude... my entire HOME is one big decoration of entirely my own design. It fits my personality to a "T" because it's the first time it's ever been all about me! :)

BlondebutBright said...

Wow, quite a collection! I mostly have books and plants - and my favorite - orchids.

Jen said...

Nice home, thanks for sharing : )

Anniina said...

Mr. Cat is the best decoration ever :) I'm really impressed by your collection!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Mr. Cat! He shows great movement and energy!


Jarod said...

Ck - That is really cool looking!
BbB - Orchids rock.
Jen - Cheers!
Anniina - He is also available for parties!
Heather - AND, he can take out small dogs.

Not so little Woman said...

Though Mr. Cat is quite something, I'm partial to the 1600 parchment. There's something magical about old stuff like that. In grad school I once did a paper for which I used a 17th C. book. It took me a while to get over the fact that I was TOUCHING it. So unreal!

ChickyBabe said...

That's an amazing collection! though Mr Cat steals the show. Please tell me he's alive and not a museum piece.

My favourite is the Japanese katana.

Bama said...

We have two of the last decoration.... :) Highly recommend them!

Tara said...

The General totally gets my vote. He looks like he owns the house (but Mr. Cat could probably take him down in one bat?)
Cooking is my new endeavor so basil, thyme, tomatoe and TARAgon plants are taking over my decorating theme at the moment...