Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Article in Blade Magazine

A special thank you to Blade Magazine for publishing my article "9 Museum Tips for Home Knife Care". Blade magazine is the "world's number one knife publication" and can be found at Borders Bookstores or Books-a-Million.

Also, I will be speaking at this year's Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair in Atlanta. If anyone is around Atlanta the weekend of May 30, pop in and say "hi"!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm a Lawyer this Week! Well, sort of....

That's right, kids, I am acting again. This week the ShenanArts production of (insert dramatic music) "To Kill a Mockingbird" opens, and I am playing Mr. Gilmor, the prosecuting attorney.
The cast has been great, and it has been a lot of fun so far. Things seem to be coming together - no one has injured themselves in a tragic make-up accident or had a prop-flower suddenly explode, so that is good. I am excited, and here is a picture of Phil during rehearsal playing the legendary "Boo Radley":

Here is "Mr. Ewell" threatening Atticus. And the knife? You guessed it, I made it!:

Monday, March 17, 2008


A special thank you to the Charlottesville Daily Progress for printing my article yesterday on the history of Saint Patrick's Day. Here is their website for you "non-Virginian-or-at-least-not-in-the-western-part-of-the state-near-Charlottesville" types:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I normally don't post news links, but this one caught my attention. Now, the reason they are doing this may be a little suspect, but a modern American city is considering building a MOAT! How awesomely hilarious is that? I hope they do it, if anything just so I can go there with my chainmail shirt on and go fishing!

For the record, anyone who knows me would not be surprised if they showed up at my house and there was....well, a moat! Possibly with monster catfish in it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today's Bumper Stickers

- Don't Bother Tailgating, I Am Blind!

- Unnecessary Bags of Lye in Trunk

- No License, Off Meds

- My House Is Also Representative of My Clout

- Sue-Happy Soccer Mom with Lawyer Friends On Board

- I DARE You to Pull Me Over, Pig!

- Looking for Mrs. Trophy

- Bumper Stickers Say, "I'm Not Upper Class"

- You're Not Fooling Anybody

- I Am Kapable


- Wine experts should be slapped.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's Thoughts!

- If your favorite show is "Project Runway", you probably won't survive if lost in the woods.

- Lets face it: In this country, if given enough money, Tonya Harding could be President.

- If someone says in real conversation the letters "LOL" instead of actually laughing out loud, they should be slapped immediately.

- A constant throughout human history has been our need to be continuously and shamelessly pumped full of BS.

- Most animal packs instinctively know the point at which certain members become too erratic to be of any value to the pack. In our species it is when Uncle Bufurd starts talking about colon explosions at the dinner table.

- If someone suggested the concept of pet-therapy to the ancient Aztecs, they would probably have been immediately executed.