Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's Thoughts!

- If your favorite show is "Project Runway", you probably won't survive if lost in the woods.

- Lets face it: In this country, if given enough money, Tonya Harding could be President.

- If someone says in real conversation the letters "LOL" instead of actually laughing out loud, they should be slapped immediately.

- A constant throughout human history has been our need to be continuously and shamelessly pumped full of BS.

- Most animal packs instinctively know the point at which certain members become too erratic to be of any value to the pack. In our species it is when Uncle Bufurd starts talking about colon explosions at the dinner table.

- If someone suggested the concept of pet-therapy to the ancient Aztecs, they would probably have been immediately executed.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I would too survive in the woods - I was a girl scout ;-)


Lisa B.

AmyWrayFrank said...

I am LOL about the LOL comment!

Sarah E. Moffett said...

~Being an attorney actually is the oldest profession in the world. The hookers got the idea from us.

Not so little Woman said...

I take issue with two things:

a) I love Project Runway and am famous for my sense of direction and orientation. In and out of the woods. So there.

b) (and you should know I would address this): The Aztecs would not have executed you immediately if faced with the concept of pet therapy Two reasons: Execution was only for religious purposes, which meant that it was scheduled. Two, many ancient Mexican beliefs held that all humans were born with a companion animal spirit, so while "pet therapy" would have sounded strange, the idea of an animal helping you heal or taking care of you was not foreign to them. In fact, animal presence, companionship and support was so important, that two of the warrior classes in the Mexican army were the "Eagle Warriors" and the "Jaguar Warriors".

Where did you get the idea that they would kill people for that?

Cléa said...

Amen to the LOL sayers! Slap 'em hard.