Thursday, September 20, 2007

Folk Music? Why not.

I remember when I was young my mom would play James Taylor while studying for her PHD in English. And guess what we sat on to listen to it - that's right, a bean bed! How groovy is THAT? It was a giant 70's folk fiesta. So in honor of those days, here is my James Taylor impression I recorded on my computer mic. Did I wear folk clothes? I'm not telling.


Not so little Woman said...

Seeing as I'm not from these parts, I don't know much about folk music (I think, I don't know if what I know qualifies as a little or a lot), but that sounded good to me. The best part was the OK! at the end. Nothing like being happy with one's work. :)

d_Random said...

You got a voice of silk!
Can you do 'puff the magic dragon' next?!

Jen said...

That was beautiful, thanks!

ChickyBabe said...

The question should be: do you wear folk clothes? :P

Anonymous said...

I love your voice! I just tried to listen to the Loch Lomand song again and it seems dropped off your site :-( I still listen to the beautiful Somewhere Over the Rainbow song did awhile back, and here you sound like James Taylor. What a beautiful and versatile voice! kat

Jarod said...

NSLW - Actually, I'm not sure if it is considered folk music either. Oh well.
D-Random - Sure, if you sing it with me!
Jen - Cheers!
CB - At all times, don't you?
A - Thanks!