Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Bonsai Tree!

Check out my new bonsai! Of course, "new" may not be entirely accurate since it is over 20 years old. You see kids, I don't own my bonsai trees, I am simply taking care of them until the next generation - hows that for some Mr. Miyagi-esque perspective.

I have many bonsai trees - this one I got from a Master who I took some lessons from. He liked my knives, so I am exchanging a knife for a bonsai - an old school trade, really.

For those that don't know anything about bonsai - here are a couple quick items:

- Bonsai is not a species of tree. It can be just about any tree species - maple, oak, whatever - they are "miniaturized" by pruning, root pruning, and many, many, many, many other techniques. Did I mention there are many techniques involved? This one happens to be a Trident Maple.

- Bonsai means "tree-pot". Go figure!

- Bonsai is pronounced "bone - sigh" (that's right - bone as in chicken bone). This is not to be confused with "Banzai!!" which is a Japanese war cry. Banzai means "ten thousand years" (check out the history of that phrase on wiki, it is interesting).

- They can live for hundreds of years. You don't believe me? Wait.

- Bonsai are not "starved" to become small. In fact, I put fertilizer on mine quite regularly. They are actually quite healthy.

- The idea is not so much to make an exact replica of a tree on a small scale (although you can do that), it is more to give an impression of a tree - think of it in terms of abstract art. If you look closely at the picture, it doesn't look exactly like maple trees do in the wild - yet for some reason it gives you the impression a large, beautiful tree - at least when you see it in person it does.

- If you bonsai an apple tree, full apples will still come out - it's true! Same with lemon trees, orange trees, etc. It's cool looking, check it out -

Well, that's all for now. Now, close your eyes, Daniel-san, picture tree...


BlondebutBright said...

Very interesting as always, Jarod! I love bonsai - I really find them fascinating to just look at for hours. Almost as much as my orchids. :) Unfortunately I had bad luck with the only one I ever owned - it died! A terrible tragedy, especially because I pride myself on my plant care skills. Maybe you could also do a post about caring for the bonsai. :)

By the way - SO cool about the apples, lemons etc. I never knew!

Nedra said...

Your persepctive, that you are taking care of the tree for the next generation is admirable. Not surprising, as this is the way I have known you and your outlook on life.


LisaBinDaCity said...

I always enjoy your fun facts!

Are you going to bring one over? I can give you a kitchen knife or two ;-)

Anniina said...

Amazing post! I had no idea about half the things you covered.

In awe of you as ever,

Jarod said...

- BbB - isn't that groovy about the apples?
- Nedra - an old man in a young man's body?
- Lisa - Done, I can always use a good kitchen knife!
- Anniina - now you have to go out and try it!

Anonymous said...

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