Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Little Find

So I was out fishing tonight in a secret spot. You have to hop a fence, bushwhack through all kinds of brush and snakes, and duck and crawl your way to the shore. Then you have to cast in bizarre angles because the entire shore is covered in thickets. Crazy? Perhaps, but it is worth it. The carp are so big, they actually mock you when you show up. They laugh at your pitiful baits and lures. Laugh, I tell you.

Anyway, the shore is basically a cliff, so I dug in the dirt to make a make-shift seat. Low and behold, I came across some turtle eggs! Now, the odd thing is this is the second time I've accidentally dug up turtle eggs - the first was in a field in NC, and I raised three of them from that incident. Unfortunately, this time I had already smashed one open by accident, and a little fellow popped out. I decided to take him home to try and raise him to releasing age since his shell was broke.

Even stranger, later in the evening I was reeling a line in by hand (don't ask), so it was dragging on the pond's bottom. I thought it was stuck, but something huge began pulling. The line was a light four pound test, so it was quite a struggle. When I got it to the shore, it was a snapping turtle the size of a truck hubcap! You should have seen this massive hulk coming out of the water, tail like a dragon, shell like a WWII tank. For those that don't know, snapping turtles can bite your toes clean off, and actually give medals to each other for just that thing. I thought it might have been the turtle's mother coming for revenge, but it was a different species (you should know your turtle species when you wade in water). But to be sure, it was a little odd.

I can't prove it, but I think the snapper pointed at me and said "YOU."


Jen said...

Quite the experience! Did you have turtle nightmares later that night?

Jarod said...

Jen - Heh, not yet, but that big fellow was nothing to mess with! Beautiful, though, a real wonder of nature.

Anonymous said...

Amazing story. What are you going to name the little one? What would he
eat? It is something that you were confronted with a huge, snapping
turtle. I think he did say "YOU."

MisstressM said...

HOW fun....I am so going fishing with you!

BlondebutBright said...

What a catch! I'm way behind on your blog but enjoyed catching up. It's great to read so many positive entries about the things that you enjoy in life. It makes me want to go out and appreciate my own passions more!

LisaBinDaCity said...

Were you a turtle torturer in a past life? You have amazing turtle stories!

Maybe you just made a lot of turtle soup or something ;-)