Wednesday, August 8, 2007

An Actual, Normal Blog Post!

You know, it occurred to me - in a sudden and shocking revelation - that I have never actually posted your basic, normal blog post. I read other people's blogs, and they talk about what they ate for dinner, dating, an experience on the subway, "overheard at work", etc, etc. You know - actual life, and they are usually quite fun to read and written entertainingly (funnily?). I don't think I have ever read another blog post on the top-ten reasons to seige a castle, or how to tell if pearls are fake. I mean, what's wrong with me, anyway? I hear things at work, I EAT dinner! That's right, I too have everyday happenings, but for some reason have not blogged about them.

So kids, for the first time ever, here is an actual, normal blog post (Kazoos, confetti release)!

Yesterday I woke up, and hit the alarm. I petted my cat, who looked at me with that "Yes I will eat you if you die in the apartment" look. I got in my car, and went to work. I was hoping to see a UFO on the way, but no luck.

Got to work. Worked. Work was fun.

Went home. Petted cat. I watched a little TV. Ate dinner. It was a nice steak with......with...................Ahhhhh I can't do it!! Did you know the Aztecs had entire books of written languages, but they were all destroyed but four? Did you know you can fire clay with a portable barbecue and a blowdryer? Do you know what makes good steel for swords? leaf springs!! And, and...

Okay, okay, so I failed. Hey give me some credit, I almost made it through. I will try again another day. In the meantime, a good bait for carp is sugar snaps in a pile of rice mixed with instant jello.

Strawberry is best.


Timmy Town said...

I found a George the Third 1789 Penny last year, it was very corroded though. It was made from copper I think there are some solutions you can use to bring it back to it original finish.
I am still pleased with it even through there are so many of them still around.

Did you ever watch Time Team while you were in Britain ? It is on T.V here and is about team of Archaeologists that investigate and dig sites of potential Archaeological interest.

Jarod said...

TT - I didn't watch Time Team over there but I have watched it here. Actually, the site I was digging on was featured on one of their episodes

BlondebutBright said...

Ha. Nice try. :) I think it's great you're not capable of writing a "normal" post - that's what makes you unique!

Jarod said...

BbB - Actually, the problem could be I don't get to date much and my cooking is terrible. But I can spot an arrowhead at 100 yards! (write what you know?)

LisaBinDaCity said...

LMAO! Good effort for the team though ;-)

Your cat sounds a wee bit um like a tough cookie.

Anniina said...

OMG, I felt like I had entered the twilight zone for a second, I even heard the theme music quietly in the background. Then thank goodness, you returned to sanity and what we think normal (and delightful) for you, and all is well again. No, didn't know that about carp bait. Weird! Why strawberry?

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Not nearly enough cat petting going on in your "normal day" there Jarod. :) I know my kitty would never let me get away with that minimal amount of petting.

And you are *SO* right. If we die, our kitties will definitely eat us if we aren't found soon. But you know what? I'd rather wind up in the belly of my cat than on a cold slab with some stranger slicing me open to determine "cause of death". But hey...that's just me. :)

Jarod said...

PPP - So true, so true. If there isn't the correct amount of petting, I will recieve the "rump sit", where Mr. Cat sits on my chest with his butt right in my face. This insures the message is clear. There WILL be more petting. And it WILL happen now.