Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Adventure

This weekend, I did one my exploring habits, where I take off and find new places, no real agenda, etc. This time, I went up the Hudson Valley and found some cool stuff. Who wants to come with me next time?

Yes, I live Near Sleepy Hollow. The Real Sleepy Hollow.

Came across this bizarre line of people walking with balloons. It was some kind of "Light up the Night" Festival

Check out these pumpkins at the Cortlandt Manor.
Came across a car show. The first car is an homage to - Hey, if you don't know you've never lived in North Carolina. The second is this cool tank-like thing the police own.

A Ferrari - you want it, don't you? And a Firebird - how awesome is that?
The Hudson River.


Not so little Woman said...

This looks like fun! And it was definitely a great weekend to do it. The weather was amazing!! And the pumpkins... Seeing them on the fields makes me happy. I like the fall and knowing that pumpkin season means pies, scones and other goodies!!

ChickyBabe said...

I want a pumpkin dino!

arm jerker j said...

I don't really know what keeps me from doing it, but excursions like yours are what I would love to do every week! I'm a photog myself and it's always nice to take a short trip and get great shots.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Don't you love The Hudson River? I just spent some time in Duchess Country last weekend. What an amazing sight!

Sarah Moffett said...

The pumpkins at Cortlandt Manor are ridiculously impressive. Any idea what they used to get them to stay attached to the board(?) like that?

Jen said...

Quite the outing, a little bit of everything! Nice weekend indeed!