Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Camera

For those that don't know, my last camera was destroyed as I fell waist-deep into a 50 foot wide pit of muck while fishing. You didn't think there was quick-sand in New York, did you? Well I have the ruins of a wrecked camera to prove otherwise. But hey, for my birthday I got - you guessed it - a brand new camera! So of course I must post the obligatory "new-camera-woo-hoo-I-can-take-pictures-again" pictures.

Waterfall at my secret fishing spot.

Mr. Cat in full "smug-mode." Once again, you must say that he is cute. Say it! Sayyyy it!

That's all, just a new camera. Carry on.


ChickyBabe said...

That is some attitude, Mr Cat!. Has to be male ;).

Not so little Woman said...

He is, indeed, very cute!

Anonymous said...

My nephew, Mr. Cat, is so cute! And that secret fishing spot - amazing! Thanks for the photos.
Your Sis

misstressM said...

Your kitty is giving you a dirty look. Dont forget his treats

Jen said...

Cute, very, very cute! And that secret fishing spot, incredibly beautiful!