Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Exercise Trend?

Here is my cousin Tara preparing for battle with my WWII Japanese Katana.

I say to you, oh bored and shapely Hollywood, why not make this the new exercise trend? Eh? Picture hundreds of sweat-crazed housewives swinging swords about with angst - possibly frothing at the mouth. Think of the publicity your gym would get as Demi Moore accidentally decapitates Muffy the beautician? Its a win, win, really

Besides, Tara weighs about 13 pounds and she can do it! (To all Iaido students - notice the accurate hand positioning?) So to Hollywood, drop the yogurt and pick up that 14th century Katana - at least until the next trend of "Aerobics in full Plate Armor".


Mike said...

Bravo - and yes, I noted the authentic hand positioning, as will others.

Anonymous said...

I would totally go to a sword fighting exercise class!! You should start it up! You can be the manager, Tara can be the aerobic instructor and I'll do the advertising and marketing for it. :) Tra-la-la! Seriously, though, I bet it would be a fun, interesting and good work-out. Love, Holly

Jarod said...

Heheh - with your marketing experience I bet you could totally sell it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I will join the sword fighting exercise class with Holly! You manage, Tara instructs, Holly advertises, and I will take care of any of the behavioral difficulties that might arise from such agressive activity!! Ha! Let's go for it!! Love, Aunt Mary