Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today's T-Shirts

Some more T-Shirt Ideas I thought of:

- PLEASE Stop Fattening Your Kids
- Member: Useless T-Shirt Club
- If You Are Not Impressed By Now, I Have a Fiver In My Wallet
- I Invented Jam Shorts!
- Do I Ask Rhetorical Questions?
- If I Am Wearing A Slogan T-Shirt, It Probably Means I Am Not Successful Enough To Mate With
- You Will Feel A Slight Tingling Sensation
- I Am Lactose Intolerate, And Just Drank A BUNCH of Milk
- Can't We Just Pretend You Already Like Me?
- I Am Easily Paid Off
- Let The Failure BEGIN
- Let Me Be Your Mr. "Fun-For-The-First-Five-Months-Then-The-True-Personality-Shows-Itself"
- I May Or May Not Be Wearing Speedos!
- Spotted Owls Killed My Parents

T-Shirts For Women:

- Guess What? Your Husband Just Looked At Me, And He Will Deny It.
- I May Be Pretty, But I Can Spear A Rhino At 300 Yards
- Just To Be Clear: I Know exactly What You Are Up To.
- Lets Face It, I Could Sleep With Half The Men In This Room AT WILL.
- I Am Purposely Wearing Ugly Shoes Just To Hear You Lie
- Warning: I Had My Nails Cased With Adamantium
- Wanted: Male Friend To Move Furniture And Drool After Me
- I Am Great In Bed, But Have An Annoying Mother. Choose Now!


LisaBinDaCity said...

That Speedos one just gave me the heebie jeebies. I think I've seen that guy at the gym ;-)

Very funny list!!!

Jen said...

You always crack me up! : )