Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today's Random Thoughts

- If the Aliens were to land, probably the worse day they could choose is April Fools Day.

- Is it a law that all 45 year old guitar-store clerks have to wear black jeans?

- A few years ago when there was a trend to have pot-bellied pigs as pets - remember that? Interestingly, no one seems to know where they've gone, and Hormel Meat Company's profits are up...

- Apparently, all golf caddies are zen-like geniuses, with the ability to transform golfer has-beens into champions through suggestion.

- Consider this: you know how in commercials the man usually does some stereotypical male behavior, only at the end to find the behavior self-defeating, with his wife/girlfriend standing with her arms folded and rolling her eyes? But you hardly ever see the reverse - the wife doing something stereotypical and being made fun of for it. Are advertisers afraid to make fun of female stereotypes because it is not PC - and if so, why is it not PC? Thoughts on this? Comments?

- I would be so happy if the Grand-Canyon turned out to a giant dinosaur foot-print.

- If you walked into a club and with an entourage of Minotaurs, you would probably be asked a series of questions. But this is common sense.

That's all for now, kids!


Jen said...

hmmm, I'm thinking about the men stereotypes in commercials... I just saw that in real life the other day on the street too... I just think men mature slower than women, and we just wait for them with our arms folded and our eyes in motion.

Jarod said...

Jen - Possibly. I just think it's interesting that you don't see a lot of women stereotypes being made fun of in commercials. It's as if the advertisers are afraid to do so because it's not PC.

Andy Coon said...

If the Grand Canyon is a giant dinosaur foot print then Mount Everest is the dinosaur's turd.

Jarod said...

Andy - You may be right. Further investigation is needed into this theory.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Every guitar store I've ever been in requires the employees to wear all black. It's in the bylaws of cooldom.