Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sgian Dubh in Action!

I made a sgian dubh for a gentleman for his wedding day, and he sent some pics of the event. For those that don't know, a sgian dubh is a traditional Scottish knife, and is worn in the sock with the kilt (pronounced ski-in-do). The wedding was obviously beautiful, and the couple was looking great! Here are a couple pics:

The sgian dubh I made. It has an ivory handle, damascus blade, silver fittings and and amber pommel

Th couple - you can just see the sgian peeking out from the right sock.

Traditionally, if the sgian dubh was worn under the armpit, it meant you didn't quite trust your host. However, if you wore it in your sock, it was a gesture of goodfaith. Just don't go wearing them to the airport, kids!


kat said...

Wow. I clicked on the photo of the sgian dubh to enlarge it, and what beautiful craftsmanship!! The patterns on the damascus blade and the fine work on the handle are amazing. They'll keep this in the family forever.

Not so little Woman said...

Wow! Now that is crafty. I mean, my crafts are knitting (and not that good looking yet) and cooking (which disappears when people eat it), but Kat is right. Yours will become a keeper through generations! Very cool.

Andy Coon said...

That is great. Who was the lucky lad?

Jen said...

Nice! I didn't know you had these talents!

Jarod said...

Kat - Thanks!
NSLW - Knitting is a cool craft, and useful for the coming winter!
Andy - A fellow out West - Not sure if I should name names.
Jen - Thanks, been doing stuff for years.

Sarah Moffett said...

Is the forge going to make the move with you to the Blue Ridge Mountains?

LisaBinDaCity said...

It's beautiful!

So what's my wedding gift gonna be? ;-)

Jarod said...

Sarah - Hopefully!
LisaB - You know what would be cool? A whole wedding dress suit of armor, forged so the metal looks like a flowing dress. I bet that has never been done (?)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your ivory? (Beautiful work on the knife, man.) Every now and then I think about doing something with ivory, but I've been too lazy to look up legal markets for old ivory.

You have a cool blog, Jarod!

Pink Pelican (via CinnKitty's page)