Saturday, August 16, 2008


Okay, so I just finished running a 5k in Charlottesville. This may be my first official 5k, and it was quite an event. Lots of people, an actual timer thingy (is thingy an accepted word?), and plenty of water bottles. It was for organ donation, which is extra cool. I didn't come in first, but hey....I didn't come in last. I actually did better than I thought!
"Yeah right, Jarod" you are thinking - "you just sat on the couch". Well Mr. Smarty Pants, here is a picture of my packet for proof! Next to Mr. Cat, who apparently had better things to do.


Jen said...

wow that's great! Congrats!!!

Andy Coon said...

Greta Job man... I just finished a 5k myself. I just ate 5 thousand calories in one setting. By the way "thingy" is acceptable but not in spell check.

Mike said...

This is inspiring. I hereby renounce calzones for two weeks!