Monday, December 10, 2007

More Adventures

Been running around the area some more to see what kind of stuff I can find, and found some pretty cool things - here are some pics. I also am putting up for the first time (drumroll) a video clip. It is of a Bluegrass festival I went to on Saturday. So without further - what's that word again?

An old Confederate fort in the mountains, and a beautiful creek.

Some guy actually created a foam replica of Stonehenge around here. Hilarious!

A Natural bridge. It is huge! And an Indian village out in the woods. So cool.

View from the Valley and Ridge mountains, and a random waterfall.

Here are Grand Caverns. About 20 minutes from my house.

This is supposed to be the oldest Arbor Vitea tree in the world. And apparently, this is what Mr. Cat thinks treadmills are for.

I am particularly proud of this picture. The mist formed a "waterfall" out of the trees.

And here is the clip of the Bluegrass festival.

Okay, there are some pics. Now all I need is a pointer.


Jen said...

This place looks great!! And way to go with that video! ; )

GEWELS said...

Beautiful places. How fortunate that you are near such beauty. I've visited the Natural Bridge- it is huge.

Nice pics!
Best of luck in your new digs.

Not so little Woman said...

Of course Mr. Cat knows that's what a treadmill is for! I've long ago realized that pets know more about fitness than we do. Mr. Basil, for example, is an expert in yoga. He has poses such as "stick my nose in front of mom as she is meditating" and the ever-popular "lay flat on yoga mat under mom right when she needs to change positions"

cb said...

A foam replica? It looks so real. Is it life size?

kat said...

What great photos! Makes me want to see all these places. I think that "waterfall of mist from the trees" photo could win a contest--how mysterious! Was it early morning? Cold? Love the bluegrass clip!

Sarah Moffett said...

Mr. Cat rocks.

And the foam replica is priceless.

Mike said...

That mist picture is incredible.