Sunday, December 30, 2007

Florida Holiday

I went down to Florida this last week, and it was, of course, lots of fun (seminole war chant). I went on a couple adventures, and here are some pics. Wait a minute, was that introduction to quick? I apologize to all long intro enthusiasts out there (longintroists).

This is the Dora Canal. It is so beautiful you instantly want to become a landscape painter, complete with beret. The pic on the right is a nice little gator. He was a modernist writer, as it turned out.

Here is a cottonmouth. Beautiful and poisonous, like many things in life. Look closely, it is there. Closer...closer...whoa, not that close (laughter from audience, appreciative claps)! On the right is your basic Egret. Just sitting there, hanging out. I tried to talk to him, but he was far to cool for mundane conversation.

If you don't think the root system of a Bald Cypress tree is cool, you need to be slapped immediately. I went fishing, and caught me some fish (you have to say that out loud in a redneck accent, btw). Did I wade in the water? Only the gators will tell.

Florida has some of the prettiest sunsets. I kinda like this picture.

Who is that? Is that Macy and Bailey? Is that who that is? Isabuddabudadoba? A bubbadooodabuubabuuuuba?

That's all, folks!


Not so little Woman said...

Awwwww!! Macy and Bailey look delish!! Suuuch cute doggies!! Very squishable. (as I tell Basil all the time)

LisaBinDaCity said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to! Should have known it was another photo op ;-)

LOVE Macy & Bailey - too sweet!

Sarah Moffett said...

I presume the "caught me some fish" was uttered with a beer in hand, while you sported white tube socks pulled up to your knees, denim shorts, and certifiable wife beater. Now where is that picture?

Jen said...

Definitely a great trip, with pictures to prove it! Happy 2008 to you and all the best!

GEWELS said...

Love the photos...and the cypress trees. Very cool.

Happy New Year.

The dogs are sweet too. Love the sweater.

Bemused said...

Those roots are amazing! You wouldn't want to step on them in the dark...

Happy New Year Jarod.

Anonymous said...

When that gator comes a runnin', you best be ziggin'.