Sunday, March 25, 2007

1920's Exhibit

Here is part of a new exhibit on the 1920's I just made at the museum. I was a lot of fun to do, and the research was extremely interesting - women's movements, technology, fashion, expansion - all very cool. The small device below is a crystal radio I made for the kids to listen to, and it batteries! (it's also slighty creepy to hear it, like you are in a WWI bunker)
For the beach-bums out there, notice the wool ladies bathing suit - believe it or not, that was considered "progressive" back then! The women of that era busted the shackles big-time - it is extremely cool to see. If anyone has found interesting research on the era, I would love to hear about it!
At any rate, it is fun to see visitors come in and check out the "Old School." I also have a section on prohibition, and there were plenty of speakeasies around here. I went out and took pictures of where they all were, and visitor's can't get over it - "Holy cow, that nice little restaurant was a speakeasy?"

Well, you cat's have a swell day, and don't be no hayburner!


Tara said...

Right on, wool is something to mention as this was the era when choosing the textures that would imbue your body came into power. Tweed, wool, chiffon, fishnet, fringe... Did you know women even dressed to coordinate with their cars? Here's part of an article I've read from the 20's: Another popular colour scheme was a mauve body with top of canopy and rims of wheels white. Imagine your woman with a decorative instinct in this car. So obvious an opportunity would never escape her, and one can see the vision on a Summer day, as she appears in simple white, softest blue or pale pink, or better still, treating herself as a quaint nosegay of blush roses, for-get-me-nots, lilies and mignonette, with her chiffons and silks or sheerest of lawns. "But how about me?" one hears from the girl of the open car--a racer perhaps, which she drives herself. You are easiest of all, we assure you; to begin with, your car being a racer, is painted and lined with durable dark colours--battleship grey, dust colour, or some shade which does not show dirt and wear. The consequence is, you will be decorative in any of the smart coats, close hats and scarfs in brilliant and lovely hues,--silk or wool." Sometimes when I read this, I feel like the writer might be undermining the woman based on tone and the suggestion that we are just decoration, but other times I read it, I see that the woman actually has the power, attention, and is driving what is popular and in view at the moment. And this was the time where women started working, voting, having impact! I love the fashion of the 20's. It's expression of their views of freedom to the fullest.
For our near approaching future, I predict more metal coming into play, just becuase we always have to be different (focus on chainmail). Or maybe something liquid, is that possible? Or perhaps summer tops will adorn our shoulders with blades of grass, sewn with the soft bones of fish, and other such completely organic material...

LisaBinDaCity said...

That's pretty nifty, Jarod.

Nice work!

Lias said...

Okay, you just made a radio? What exactly CAN"T you do again? Can you make shoes?