Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thoughts for Today

- I find it interesting how disgruntled people in line will try to find "allies". For example, if a checkout clerk is particularly slow, you will often hear the person next to you huff, or whisper "come onnnn". They will then give you a brief eye glance to see if you agree. If you smile or roll your eyes in agreement, the alliance has been formed! It's you guys against the enemy clerk, and he better scan the yogurt properly.

- What if we went back in time and found out the T-Rex roar sounded exactly like a dolphin twitter? Would you be as disappointed as I?

- Sure we have I-pods, lap-tops, and cellphones - but were are the hovercars? I think we are owed an explanation here.

- Theoretically, Magneto would be useless against a Pinocchio attack.



LisaBinDaCity said...

I laughed at the "allies" thing. So true, and I do it all the time ;-)

AmyWrayFrank said...

You make me laugh with your dinosaur speculations!

And I agree about the disgruntled-line-allies phenomenon.... It doesn't take much "adversity" for us to bond with our fellow man, does it?

Sarah E. Moffett said...

Color me curious as to what spawned the dolphin meets T-rex contemplation. Excuse me while I go have dreams of Flipper making an appearance in Jurassic Park...

AmyWrayFrank said...

Happy Birthday today!

abcoon said...

Damn, I miss those classic conversations.

Happy Belated Birthday oldie hawn