Monday, April 7, 2008

Today's Thoughts/T-Shirts

- If only you can prevent forest fires, you must have a really big bucket.

- I am not an organ donor - all those pipes and keys, who has the space to own one let alone go around donating them?

- If they suddenly removed alcohol from wine, would anyone REALLY care about it's "bouquet"?

- By today's standards, Marie Antoinette would have smelled.

- If you can't make fun of yourself, you will end up being the old person that constantly complains


- Black-Belt in Nail-Clippers

- There May-or-May-Not Be Six-Pack Abs Under Here

- Force Feed Fashion Models!

- Right Now, I Am Imagining You Wearing An Fully-Powdered English Judge's Wig


abbersnail said...

The wine comment made me laugh.

Not so little Woman said...

Love the T-shirt one about the abs... and the line about making fun of oneself. So true...

Cléa said...

"There May-or-May-Not Be Six-Pack Abs Under Here" - now that's a tease!

I'd go for "Force Feed Fashion Models!" The tabloids would have a field day.

Jarod said...

Abber - Hi Abbers!
NSLW - Thanks!
Clea - I wonder how people would react to the model t-shirt (?)

Cléa said...

Depends what you have for a logo. If it's anything like they force feed duck and geese to make foie gras ... actually, I'd love to see reactions to that.