Friday, May 18, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Am I getting old? - I found a track from my band "Sugar Lloyd" from back in the day. This was recorded live at "Kilroys" around 1992.
I wonder if the place even exists anymore. I know what you baby-boomers are thinking - "It wasn't THAT long ago, fella." But to me it seems like a century.
At any rate, The guitarist (Dave McCracken) is now a well-known key-boardist, playing his heart out with Donna the Buffalo and all kinds of cool bands. The drummer (Brad Lloyd) is now an amazing Jazz drummer, playing with all kinds of big names. I'm not sure what the bassist (Matt Webb) is doing these days, but if anyone knows drop me a line. The singer? Well, I'm the nerd with the artifacts. Although musically, I'm learning the banjo these days. It's a lot of fun, and I figure I'll be pretty good by the time I'm 80.
(Note: the song is a live jam, with it going from very loud to practically hearing nothing. Just so you won't be startled when it suddenly comes back in!)


Kat said...

Your voice is so haunting and beautiful and the instruments played by real musicians. No surprise you guys are still doing your music thing. Good! and Thanks!

Jarod said...

Thanks. I was happy to see those guys pursuing music in various ways as well. I guess I ended up the least cool.

Andy Coon said...

Ahh, that brings back some fun memories. You and Sugar Lloyd were so much fun to watch and listen to. Very different band than the local scene and you did have some fantastic musicians with you.

Dude your voice is in the same realm of Roy Orbison and Robert Cray. It is amazing you talent freak.